Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

I live!

Okay, just a quick pop-in. I have survived my first day! Though I cheated a bit, but more on that later. went fine. I didn't freak out or bleed on anything or poke anyone in the eye, so I'm calling this a success. There was absolutely zero warning or warm-up or psych-up time or anything. They just had a whole herd of us standing around when we came in, and then suddenly it was all, "You! Go there. You! Go there," and we jumped right in. Fuh-reaky! Right in the middle of a big-ass tournament. It was super weird...also I got all bamboozled because we had blinds and antes and I'd never practiced that before...having both at the same time, I mean. No biggie, though...caught the rhythm eventually. My card handling was kind of whack, but I didn't do anything grotesque like throw cards off the table. I was super tense; I gotta relax at the table, since I was making myself sore every time just for being all wound up. Otherwise, though...I think it went pretty all right! You know, for first day and all. I definitely made some concrete mistakes: flipped up a card by accident, miscounted things a couple times, once I accidentally interpreted a guy's all-in move as a check (OOPS!), but nothing went seriously awry. That's the great thing about dealing poker (as opposed to a house game) is that it's basically self-policing; any time I did anything wrong, the players all jumped in to correct me. ;) But overall, I'm pretty happy with how things went.

Anyway, the cheatery. I ended up taking a shorter day (what we call an "early out"), so I worked more like a half-day than a full day. So...I gave up some bit of wages basically so I could catch a more favorable bus exchange (2 hours commute instead of 3, whee!) and also so I stood a chance of getting up on time for my shift today. Which I did, with time to spare, even, so I can take the opportunity to blog for you wonderful people. Anyway, thanks for the good sentiments, everybody. Early shift today, good sleep tonight, I imagine, morning interview tomorrow, then evening shift tomorrow. After that, it should just be regular ol' swing shifts until I'm done. Peace!

[EDIT: I totally forgot the best part. They're also having me wear this teeny little dealer apron thingy. If it is to serve a purpose, I have yet to discover that purpose; it doesn't even have pockets! The best I can figure is...if somehow my pants fall down I'll be offered the protection of an embarrassingly small loincloth. But anyway...just wanted to note for the record that some of the accoutrements that go with this job are weird.]
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