Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


Overall, I think it's important to keep fed. When I stay hungry, I stay sad. *shrug* Just seems to be how it is. That said, I conciously tried to check out a bit today. Mentally, I mean. Seems to have helped. Also I strolled until my legs ached, and that was also good. Tomorrow's my orientation day. It's like a normal business day, so I'll be up bright and early to take my chances with an NJ Transit commute. Yay. I also realize now that I have no idea if I'm supposed to dress up for this thing or not. I guess better safe than sorry...I'll probably be wearing generic dealer duds (though they are supposed to give me my very own uniform shirt tomorrow; whee). Anyway...I'm chill; probably won't actually feel the nerves until, you know, I'm actually around people and stuff. :) We'll shall see. Anyway...I guess that's it, really. Feeling better today, taking new steps tomorrow. Onward.
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