Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


So Momz decided to take the house apart today to work on some redecorating project or something, so I'm hiding out at the library for a while. Not that I wouldn't want to help out, mind you, but I generally just get in the way at times like this, plus when she hauls out the power tools I get afraid, so...yeah. Also, for some reason, yesterday I was just completely knocked over by a crazy sneezy allergy attack. Don't know where that came from, frankly, but it was so mighty that it defeated my generic anti-allergy pill, which usually does the trick. I was just a wreck yesterday and was generally kept inside because of the rain, so...bummer. I already know I'm allergic to the house somehow, so the less time I spend in there when things are being disturbed, the better. Hence my outing today. I don't get the weather around here, was supposed to rain for like four days, but today is as nice a day as you could hope for...cloudless, sunny...and it's like 70 degrees or something! I mean come on...January?! Anyway, so yeah...spending some time not in the house today. Hopefully I'll make it back and things will be in order in time for the football games, though. ;)

Anyway, so I spent a little time today doing computery stuff, which is why I posted a ramble earlier today...I came across stuff in the queue and it sparked verbal diarrhea, so...lucky you guys. Anyway, some time ago when I was cleaning out my inbox, I came across a folder I forgot about with some random junk in it that I had meant to take care of someday. Much of it went straight in the trash, frankly, but it was at least worth glancing at again. One of them, though, was really funny. This is from an e-mail forward I got years ago, and it's warning signs that some guy took pictures of in Malaysia. (And, no, not funny in that Engrish kind of way.) But, anyway, I found this one to be particularly hilarious, so now I share it with you.


I was thinking of making an icon out of it, but my first run looked poopy, so...maybe I'll try again later. In any case, enjoy, everybody.
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