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NFL Week 17 Results

Well, here's a rare turn of events. For one, I'm getting quite a jump on posting the NFL results this week. For two, in the absence of Monday Night Football this week, I'm actually able to post these results on a Monday. :) [EDIT: Naturally, I composed this offline and then failed to post it, so it's actually coming out on a Tuesday. :) ] For three, I actually not only came out ahead this week, but in first place. This might have had something to do with lepicurien making no picks this week. ;) In any case, kawaiiryuko also booked a profit this week, so...we're all winners here. Party. :)

Well, there was no game on Thursday, and as usual, I wasn't able to watch Saturday's game, which is a pity, actually, because it was supposedly quite a game, including a particularly strong showing by Tiki Barber, befitting his final regular season game. Cool. :) But my own football-watching experiences this week started on Sunday's Wave 1 with the Lions/Cowboys game. That was...quite a surprise. :) I certainly didn't think the game would be quite that much fun to watch. :) The Lions were first on the board and ahead at halftime. It's hard to say just what was going on with the Cowboys, really, but they were just not getting it together. Plus there were some huge key turnovers give up in the game...and that was basically all Romo. Man, it was a squeaker up to the final minutes of the game...and then they made me miss the end! The TV coverage switched over to the Eagles game before the Cowboys game was over. :) turned out the Lions managed to hold their endgame lead against the Cowboys and perpetrated a stunning upset which put Mascot Fights over the top for the week. Dig it. :)

So, anyway, over to Falcons/Eagles. I don't have a whole lot to say about this game, really. The Eagles performed admirably, especially for having so many backup players on the field. It was tight in the first half, but the Eagles pulled off a touchdown for the lead right before halftime. One remarkable thing: Akers actually missed a field goal. Shocking! But not a big deal. It answered the Falcon's bizarre botched/faked field goal attempt from earlier, I suppose. Anyway, it was a nail-biter for a bit there at the end, with the Falcons on like the one or two yard line ready to make the game-tying touchdown...and then Schaub, the Falcon's backup QB (after Vick got injured early in the second half), trips over himself on third and goal, basically shooting that little dream in the foot. They have to go for the TD on fourth, being down 7, and fail to convert, goes to the Eagles. Go Eagles!

Coverage then switched over to the end of the Niners/Broncos game, so I got to that one just in time to see the Broncos score a touchdown to tie from a 7-point deficit with like 1:30 left. It went to overtime, but that final effort by the Broncos didn't end up winning them the game, as the 49ers took it with a field goal in overtime.

Sunday Night was wrapped up with the Packers/Bears. About a quarter and a half have goes by, and all I can say so far is that the Packers seem to be playing a pretty action-packed packed game. Except for, you know, losing the ability to kick (like a missed extra point and a missed 33-yard FG attempt). Okay, so...I give big ups to the Bears for the fake punt, even bigger ups for actually completing the pass and getting the first down, a huge raspberry for then fumbling the ball at the end of the play, but then I take back the raspberry for recovering the fumble. Then, a few plays later, I'm forced to reinstate the raspberry when they throw yet another interception, this time with a whole new quarterback. Sad. In any case, it was a lopsided game the whole time, so...nothing really exciting went on. Just...strange to see the Bears get their asses kicked that bad. :)

NFL Week 17
flatvurm kawaiiryuko
Game Winner Pick Net Pick Net
Giants at Redskins Giants by 6 Giants (-135) +74  Giants (-135) +74
Sunday 1
Panthers at Saints Panthers by 10 Panthers (-160) +62 Saints (+160) -100
Browns at Texans Texans by 8 Browns (+225) -100 Browns (+225) -100
Lions at Cowboys Lions by 8 Lions (+950) +950 Cowboys (-950) -100
Jaguars at Chiefs Chiefs by 5 Jaguars (+145) -100 Chiefs (-145) +68
Patriots at Titans Patriots by 17 Titans (-170) -100 Patriots (+170) +170
Raiders at Jets Jets by 20 Jets (-750) +13 Jets (-750) +13
Steelers at Bengals Steelers by 6 (OT) Bengals (-265) -100 Bengals (-265) -100
Seahawks at Buccaneers Seahawks by 16 Buccaneers (-175) -100 Seahawks (+175) +175
Rams at Vikings Rams by 20 Rams (-135) +74 Rams (-135) +74
Sunday 2
Cardinals at Chargers Chergers by 7 Chargers (-1200) +8 Chargers (-1200) +8
Falcons at Eagles Eagles by 7 Eagles (-350) +28 Eagles (-350) +28
Bills at Ravens Ravens by 12 Bills (+460) -100 Ravens (-460) +21
Dolphins at Colts Colts by 5 Colts (-400) +25 Colts (-400) +25
49ers at Broncos 49ers by 3 (OT) Broncos (-600) -100 Broncos (-600) -100
Sunday Night
Packers at Bears Packers by 19 Bears (-160) -100 Bears (-160) -100
TOTAL +434 +56

Anyway. What can I say...I found it a nice end to the regular season that my biggest underdog pick came through in fine style. ;) That also means it's nothing but the playoffs left until the Super Bowl, and then many months of peace until next season. Tally ho!

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