Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

NFL Week 17 Picks

Man I'm getting sick of this. :) But it's almost over. And also...I know I forgot to post the week 16 results. That'll be up either today or tomorrow.

Giants at Redskins
Uh...thrown boulders vs. thrown tomahawks, I guess?
Pick: Giants

Sunday Wave 1
Panthers at Saints
Land beasts vs. humans.
Pick: Panthers

Browns at Texans
Interesting. I see Texans as often spoiling for a fight, but Brown the boxer is trained to fight. Plus...America's most famous Texan hasn't been doing so well in the last fight he started, so...
Pick: Browns

Lions at Cowboys
Land beasts vs. humans.
Pick: Lions

Jaguars at Chiefs
Land beast vs. humans.
Pick: Jaguars

Patriots at Titans
Idolized vs. actually godlike.
Pick: Titans

Raiders at Jets
Non-jets vs. jets. ;)
Pick: Jets

Steelers at Bengals
Humans vs. land beasts.
Pick: Bengals

Seahawks at Buccaneers
Birds vs. humans.
Pick: Buccaneers

Rams at Vikings
Land beast vs. humans.
Pick: Rams

Sunday Wave 2
Cardinals at Chargers
Birds vs. land beasts.
Pick: Chargers

Falcons at Eagles
See...this is the matchup I was waiting for all season...until McNabb got injured. Plus it's probably the most interesting Mascot Fights matchup we could hope for, and I just don't have the energy to analyze it, frankly. So I'm picking the Eagles because they're my geographically-bound team. And also because the damn system has never picked the Eagles, and this might be the last chance, dammit. :)
Pick: Eagles

Bills at Ravens
Humans vs. birds.
Pick: Bills

Dolphins at Colts
Environment edge: the dolphins will be like fishwater-borne mammals out of water.
Pick: Colts

49ers at Broncos
Humans vs. land beasts.
Pick: Broncos

Sunday Night
Packers at Bears
Humans vs. land beasts.
Pick: Bears

I'll set the Saturday line now, and the other lines tomorrow. [EDIT: Sunday lines now set.]

Giants (-135)
Panthers (-160)
Browns (+225)
Lions (+950)
Jaguars (+145)
Titans (-170)
Jets (-750)
Bengals (-265)
Buccaneers (-175)
Rams (-135)
Chargers (-1200)
Eagles (-350)
Bills (+460)
Colts (-400)
Broncos (-600)
Bears (-160)

Good luck, everybody!
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