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Well, the year is almost over, and I guess it's time I looked at my 2006 New Year's post and see how I've been doing. I found this one part paricularly compelling: "I am an unemployed, debt-having, broke-ass bum pushing 30 and living in my mom's spare room." So...on the surface, I suppose I can't say I've made any progress in life, as that statement basically holds as true now as it did then. Sort of sobering, that. :) So with that overall theme in mind, I don't think the review is going to go so well. Let's find out.

Let's take a look at my goals and how I fared.

"I will secure some stable source of income, and I will make good use of it."
Failed! Though things are at least looking a little better for 2007, but...well, there ya go.

"I will practice strict control over my poker bankroll."
Failed! Granted, it was mostly dependent on being able to score on the whole "get a job" thing, because as expenses came up, it was either tap into the bankroll or leave bills unpaid, and since I have priorities...the bankroll got tapped. So, love.

"I will not play poker I cannot afford."
I kinda did this, in that I played the lowest stakes I could find when the bankroll was low. That said, I'm not sure I was ever sufficiently rolled this year, considering my financial situation, least I didn't go completely nuts like when I first started playing. If you look hard, though, the sentence following the above resolution was: "If I don't have the bankroll for it, I won't do it." I certainly fell short in that regard, so... Failed!

"I will grow my poker bankroll."
Heh. That would be a big "No." Failed!

"I will keep good poker records and make constant use of the data."
I'd say I did part one, but only barely. I started off 2006 right in the online world, anyway, by investing in and using a copy of PokerTracker, which keeps excellent records and lets me review them both in aggregate and excruciating detail, which was good. I more or less used that data over the course of my online career this year, but I'm not sure I actually learned that much. In any case, though, I'm happy I made that step forward with my online play.

I was much less successful about my real world record-keeping. I still keep good data, but I didn't do anything useful with it until just recently, actually, when I transcribed my spiral notebook notes into the computer. I don't think I made good use of the data, really, so...I don't guess I kept up that end of the deal. But it was good that I at least started taking steps toward being able to make use of the data.

Overall, I give myself a D in this one. Maybe a C.

"I will play more and varied poker."
Mmm...I sorta did that. Not sure I played more, necessarily, but I certainly threw myself into it with enthusiasm. As for varied...I don't think I really tried anything new at the stakes I wanted to, except for some Omaha 8 in the casino. I played some very small stakes no-limit Hold 'em online, and I think I stayed away from Stud altogether. I also set goals for the number of my tournaments I would play, and although I started out well on that...I stopped. :) Going by the specific goals I'd set for myself, I'd have to say...failed!

"I will not live beyond my means."
Strictly speaking, I did not achieve this goal, in the sense that my means right now are, like, negative. Simply by existing, I am living beyond my means. On the other hand, I did do pretty well at trimming the fat and not going too nuts with the extraneous expenses. But there's basically no way I can live withing my means without income...know what I'm saying? I'm gong to take an incomplete on this one.

"I will get a place of my own."
Heh. Failed!

"I will take better care of my body."
I don't think my stuation has changed all that much over the course of the year, except that I smoked much less than in previous years. I was an on-and-off smoker/quitted this year, and as of this writing, am still completely quit. And hope to be so forever. So...I consider that the bare minimum of being better to my body, so I give myself a D.

"I will prioritize things that need doing, I will do things that need doing, and I will keep track of such things."
I don't have any concrete proof, I don't think, but I feel I did poorly at this this year. Probably the most glaring example, actually, is the number of my New Year's resolutions that I failed to keep. ;) Only in the past couple weeks have I really felt like I was being productive, though; I've actually gotten quite a few things done that I wanted to get done. That said, there lie ahead of me countless more things that still need to get done. Thus it ever was. So...overall, I probably failed this one, but I feel I've been doing better lately, anyway.

"I will be a better blogger and correspondent."
I probably did a better better in the blogging department in 2006 than in 2005, but that was probably largely owed to me not spending a couple months in bed. That said, quantity does not equal quality, and I've not had a whole lot to talk about this year, frankly. Even so, I'm glad I at least kept in the habit and at least tried to keep things going, ya know? As for correspondent...I think I was fairly bad about that, too, except, again, recently. As part of my cleanup efforts in the past couple weeks, I've tried to re-establish contact with people and such. I hope to keep that going, as well.

"I will write stuff. And post it. And some of it...strangers will have to read."
Yeah...that pretty much didn't happen. I may have written a thing or two this year, Plus there was this: "...before the year is out, I will submit at least one written item for publication somewhere." Yeah, that didn't happen, either. Failed!

"I will resurrect the Crack Den."
Oh, please. Failed!

And that, friends, is a dismal showing for the year. :) I don't feel bad posting this now, as I'm fairly sure nothing drastic is going to change in the next couple days. I hope to also do another New Year's post later for 2007, but strangely enough, I really think all my goals will be the same. That's...kinda depressing, in a way. :) But at least I'm consistent. Anyway...we'll see how it goes, both in a couple days, and in another year.

I hope everyone had a good year! I wish I knew what I did with mine. ;)
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