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Super meh

Mixed bag today. Decent enough day at work, but I struggled with technical difficulties, of all things. Internet connection finally crapped out with like an hour or so left to go in the day, so I just called it and said "whatever." Took the opportunity to do some reading. Internet's back on now, of course. Can't say I really did anything great with my day. It was Really tired. I'm posting early tonight in the hopes that I'll eventually just get bored and go to bed. Inasmuch as I lose all sense of time when I'm working on a project I'm interested in, the same happens when I'm not really interested in anything, but it happens in the other direction. Like I can be deep into a project and suddenly look up and it's super late at night and I haven't eaten and oh shit it's going to be hell in the morning. On days like today, I'm sitting here thinking, wow, it must be pretty late by now, I feel like I'm dragging, and it's like 7:30 PM. Doesn't help that, because I left work early, I also ate dinner early. I was hungry, okay?! So it feels like my evening's been accelerated, I guess.

Yeah. Not really a lot to say today. Basically I just want to read and go to bed. That's probably what I'm going to end up doing.

Tomorrow's Friday. And then it's a three-day weekend. I just don't have it in me to get excited. That probably says something.

Awright. Peace.

[EDIT: Geez, didn't even notice that tomorrow's Friday the 13th.]
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