Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Still here

So it appears that I've survived the Rapture or Judgment Day or whatever the hell (no pun intended). Although, in celebration of the putative end times, I did undergo a little personal Apocalypse of my own by once again quitting cold turkey on the damn cigs. Caved to the addiction when I started working again, so that probably means I've been off the wagon about two months or so now. No bueno. I've actually pulled this stunt before -- gone without on the weekend, I mean, only to jump right back in there come Monday. This time I'll see if I can stick it out, though. Again.

Related to that, I've basically been on a junk food bender. Nay, a frenzy. Couldn't even sleep last night for all the crap I ate. Think I gave myself acid reflux or something, too. And not even any biking to show for my time. In a nutshell, I treated my body like absolute garbage this weekend, but all in the name of the greater good of getting off the cigs again. Normally I don't try this kind of thing without having a solid week or so of free time to go with it. But...hell with it. If I'm going to get good at quitting, I might as well work on it in adverse conditions.

So. Long and short of it is that I'm in partial-to-total disconnect from my right mind, and from a brain chemistry point of view, I can't really take much pleasure or feel much joy, so unsurprisingly, not a lot of blog post tonight. Feel like I skipped last week, too, but for reasons that currently escapes me. I know I went biking in the rain, but I can't remember much else about it. On the topic of Internet presence, though, I actually sat down and took the time today to catch myself up with my infostream backlog. I did a fuckload of pruning and such, so...we'll see if I can get back into some kind of routine with that, though. I kinda miss the Internet. Then again...I really kinda don't. We'll see.

Oh, and speaking of biking...I saw this sign during my wanderings today. Kind of tells a whole sad story by itself, there, don't it?


Bummer there, man. Coincidentally, I wouldn't have even seen the sign had I not been out walking instead of biking today. So it goes.

Anyway, yeah...just checking in. Next few weeks are going to be a little unusual. Not so much this upcoming week, but the weeks following. My sister's getting married at the end of the month, meaning I'm breaking the wedding embargo, but just this once. Then I'm going to be holding down the fort at her place petsitting again while she off and honeymoons. Still working out the logistics of that, but a change of scenery is always nice. It'll be like a little mini-vacation.

So, yeah. Not much going on in these parts. Still haven't made it to the bike store to replace my patch kit and get a new tube, so I'm mildly afraid of going on any long trips, which is actually just as well because I haven't been doing that anyway, and I don't see me taking anything like that on in the next, oh, three weeks or so. Otherwise things are proceeding as usual. Carry on.
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