Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The Garrulous Bombast Friday "Take Ten"

You know how it is: the weekend's almost here, your brain has already checked out, and no one wants to do any work anyway. Time for a ten-minute break!


Mornin', everybody. How about we go non-video, today, shall we? Before we do, though, let's take a little peek behind the "Take Ten" curtain. As I wander around the Internet in my daily life, every once in a while, I'll throw something in the bucket that I think might make a good Friday break, and then when Friday rolls around, I'll see what I've got cookin' in the queue, there. I bring this up today because everything just got pushed back thanks to this late entry that came last night by way of tribblewing.

By lucky happenstance, I chanced to come across this opinion piece, which in a nutshell claims that the bloom is off the Sarah Palin rose, and that America is losing interest. Oh, but nay, say I, at least not for long. Ladies and gentlemen: Steampunk Palin.

* * *

What's that? You're down with fetishized characters made into idea puppets for our amusement, but you miss it in video form? Fine!

* * *

And now, I'm off to shovel. Stay warm, and happy Friday, everybody!
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