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Don't read this unless you're really curious about my earwax.

It's tournament day here at Flatvurm's Poker Factory, so I was sitting around at my desk, folding hands, as I do, and twiddlng my finger in my ear, as I also sometimes do. Friends, I just excavated the biggest, nastiest earwax nugget from my own ear canal that I have ever seen. Seriously.

Now...I'm no stranger to sweeping crap out of my ear. But generally, at most, I get a few flakes of yellow dust to shake out. This mother, though, was a big, brown, sticky pea-size blob. I'm not kidding. It was like a rabbit turd. I'm amazed that both (a) it could fit in my ear canal to begin with and (b) I was able to hear out of said ear prior to its removal.

Now I'm freaked. What the hell? Do I have another such blob waiting in the other ear? Is this a one-time thing, or something I can look forward to now as part of the perfectly natural, perfectly healthy aging process? Did...did a rabbit, while I was sleeping, actually take a dump in my ear? Grosssssssss.

Anyway. It was a satellite tourney, and I won, so...yay?
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