Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Fast news day

By all rights, the opposite of a "slow news day" should be a "fast news day," right? Still...doesn't seem right, does it? Anyway. Many things caught my eye today on the BBC News site. Here are a few interesting stories to make your day:

Something close to home: Fan denies sex-for-tickets gambit - The story, in a nutshell, is this: this woman in Philly posted an ad on Craigslist seeking tickets to the World Series opening game; in the ad she describes herself as a "gorgeous, tall, buxom blonde diehard Phillies fan" and says, "I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!"; some guy responds to her ad, and the two meet; the guy turns out to be an undercover cop; the woman gets popped for soliciting prostitution. Dude, really? This is what cops do all day? (My favorite part, the woman's lawyer: she's just "a nice lady overcome with Phillies fever.")

Something far from home: Somali man, '112', weds girl, 17 - That's...really all you need to know.

Just something unexpected: Coyotes kill Canadian folk singer - This 19-year-old woman is hiking in a national park in Nova Scotia, and she gets mauled to death by coyotes. This just...isn't the kind of thing I'm used to seeing from a major, industrialized nation. I can barely even remember being 19. I had dropped out of college and was a keyboard jockey at a company that manufactured lapel pins. Probably the last thing I would have thought of to worry about was getting eaten by coyotes. I mean, come on! (Well, all right, maybe second-to-last, just ahead of "being married to a 114-year-old Somali.")

Anyway. For something a bit more relevant and informative, here's a pretty neat article about the beginnings of the Internet...40 years ago! Just think about how long ago that was in Internet time. I mean...that was the invention of Internet time, you know? What I like about the story is that when they first switched this bad boy on, it transmitted like two bytes and died. :) After that...well, it's 40 years later and at this point it's not even a choice; you, like, can't turn it off. Crazy world.

* * *

Speaking of that crazy Internet world, it looks like LJ feeds are waking up and barfing all over my Friends List, so it looks like I'll be spending a little time wading through that mess today. After that, occurred to me recently when I was writing an e-mail catching up with someone that I haven't played any video games since I moved to Phillipsburg. So after I'm done Flisting, I'm gonna take the day off and play video games. So...yay me?

And don't forget, you still have one more day to try to win a card from me. Peace, everybody. Smell ya later!
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