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Rob Abrazado

Should this be a recurring feature?

Join me once again, won't you, beloved readers, for another round of "No More Drugs...For That Man." Today's guest of honor: big-time Hollywood movie producer Jon Peters.

From the Superman film series Wikipedia page:
Kevin Smith pitched to Jon Peters his story outline in August 1996, in which Peters gave him permission to write a screenplay. However, Peters presented Smith with three rules, such as wanting Superman to wear an all-black suit, feeling the more traditional suit was "too faggy"; not wanting to see Superman fly, saying that Superman would "look like an overgrown Boy Scout." ... and have Superman fight a giant spider in the third act.
Peters was able to recycle his giant spider idea in Wild Wild West, a film he produced.

Emphasis mine. Further, from the Wikipedia page of Peters himself:
Jon Peters [sic] involvement in adapting the critically acclaimed and highly popular Sandman comics has also met with controversy. ... As with other films, Jon Peters insisted on the inclusion of a giant mechanical spider.

Sweet. That's...that's awesome, Jon Peters. You...keep on keepin' on. And now, may I just say, "No More Drugs...For That Man."

* * *

As a bonus round, Jon Peters has apparently had a long and lustrous movie producing career. Acting? Not so much. He apparently appeared in The Ten Commandments in 1956 as "Boy on Donkey crossing Red Sea" (uncredited). (Hey, I remember that scene!) His producing credits, however, are a cavalcade of fun and excitement. For your enjoyment, a list of movies in which Jon Peters has a producer credit, which I, personally, think may have been enhanced by the inclusion of a giant mechanical spider:

Caddyshack - But not Caddyshack II. I mean, if you put a giant mechanical spider in the first one, you really can't have it in the sequel. Am I right?

Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Diane Fossey - "Poach THIS."

Flashdance - What do you think all that welding was for?

Clue - Man, this movie is just popping up everywhere lately. "It was Professor Plum. In the conservatory. With the giant mechanical spider."

Innerspace - Okay, maybe a nanomachine spider. But still.

Tango & Cash - Self-explanatory.

The Color Purple - "I'm poor. Black. I might even be ugly. But, dear God, I'm here. I'm here!" shouts Whoopi Goldberg, before leveling the giant mechanical spider's twin main guns at the farmhouse and launching a salvo of fireballs. Danny Glover leaps from the resulting explosion in slow motion. "Nooooooooooo!"
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