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Relating to the world

One of those recent LJ Writer's Block prompt was something like, "What would you put in a time capsule that will be opened in 50 years?" When I first saw that, I immediately, reflexively, even, though to myself, "50 years? What's the big deal about that? I'll still be around in 50 years."

A moment or two passed. Then I thought, "Shit...maybe I won't." That was somehow a troubling experience.

* * *

Not really a lot to report from around here. I've made the dubious leap to borrowing DVDs from the library. I'm really trying not to go overboard with this, because it really wouldn't take a lot before that practice just completely takes over my life. So I'm taking it easy. I was also a little disturbed to discover that my library lends out video games. There's just something...uncomfortable about that, in my mind. I'm sure the kids love it, though. Ironically, I actually can't take advantage of this service because they don't carry any games old enough to be played by the consoles I use, so...heh. I was unhappy to find that I'm being technologically outpaced by the library. I mean, damn. At least I can still use a card catalog.

I recently finished up The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins, the book I'd been working on recently (as some of you probably guessed by my recent latest favorite quote). It's about (surprise!) evolution, as is pretty much anything Dawkins writes. It was a decent read. I came away with it having been exposed to such cool-sounding terms as "cladistic taxonomy" and "punctuated equilibria," so that's always nice. (I especially like the word "cladistic." I always want that to somehow lead to clado-masochism.) My next book is Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson, which is basically a history of the dirty-ass politics of Atlantic City. I guess it's about time I started learning something about my environment. :)

The Couch to 5K Project is progressing basically as expected. Which is to say: "Went running today. Tired and sore." I'm beginning to rethink this brilliant strategy I cooked up of doing my run basically at noon. Somehow I convinced myself that getting my exercise in the blazing heat of midday somehow made it more awesome. I a way, it does, but...I'm not sure I need that much awesome. At the end of today's run, I was doing my cooldown walk, and I suddenly came to the realization that I was really freakin' hot. And also slightly dizzy, so I started wondering if I was possibly about to die or something. I do my running on the Boardwalk, so there I was, sort of wandering the Boardwalk in a daze, when it occurred to my broiling brain..."You know...there's an, right there." So I veered off the Boardwalk onto the beach and wandered into the ocean and stood in it until I felt better. It actually felt really good; nature had thoughtfully provided this gigantic heat sink for my enjoyment. Good times. [EDIT: It just occurred to me to point out that I did not pee.]

After leaving the ocean, I hauled my dripping, barefoot body back home and relaxed a bit with a quick cool shower and some liquified fruit, which is how I roll now. Then, somehow, it seemed like a good idea to go out again, so I went walking around the city and ran errands for a few more hours. Mainly I hit the library and the grocery store, but I also went back and did more strolling around the Boardwalk. I got cooked out there, man. I think I got more sun today than I've gotten in the last, like, two years. My head is turning brown. I am pleased to be spending the rest of the evening indoors. I believe my skin is radiating heat.

Also, and I can't even believe this, but I think I somehow caught a cold. At some point tonight my nose just started running and it will not stop. Also my throat is scratchy. I mean, really? I need a cold and sunstroke? That's just not right, somehow. Anyway...between my copious sweating and my new nasal mucus adventures, my body seems to be finding any possible excuse to vent moisture, so I've been spending the day drinking a ridiculous amount of water. That seems to be working out well enough. I think, perhaps, I'll reconsider the scheduling of my future jogs...maybe something with a little less sunlight involved. I have a general, overarching fear of dying in public, but somehow dying in public as a fat man jogging...just seems that much worse. :)

Party on, everybody. Smell ya later!
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