Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Weekend wrapup

Well, it's gettin' toward the end of the weekend. That's, uh, my weekend, not weekend for the normal humans. Anyway, I basically did nothing. On the upside, doing nothing included not smoking, so I'm crossing the three-day hump as we speak, so I guess I'm "off" again for a while. It hasn't been fun. I've spent the last few days in a mental state of uncomfortable randomness and disconnection, so...well, that's what happens.

Anyway. So I didn't play any poker. Didn't really seem like a good time to do so, frankly. Monday night I lived through a mild freakout as I found that my kitchen was somehow infested by little bugs. Pain in the ass! I had to throw out some contaminated foodstuffs, which really irks me, and I also had to spend some time in there cleaning (which I guess also irks me), but I think things are more or less under control in that department by now, knock on wood. Goddamn bugs.

I did a little shopping on Monday, before the whole bug thing. Mostly a pair of work pants. My old ones...well, one of the legs starting coming apart. At the bottom, down near the cuff, which is new for me. Anyway...I kinda fixed it. Like...I sort of sewed it back together. That's pretty much the first time I've attempted to sew anything back together besides the odd button or so, so it came out a know...Frankenstein...but, whatever. I've run it through the wash and it hasn't come apart, so...maybe the pants are still serviceable? But whatever, I still bought a new pair. I'm good. I also bought a new (used) copy of that Hitman game that keeps crashing my GameCube. Guess what...the problem wasn't in the game disk; the game is still crashing at the same point even with the new disk. Unfortunate. (Okay, so...strictly speaking, either the problem is not in the game disk, or else both game disks have the same flaw. Forgive me the anal nitpick; I've been exposed to logic problems lately.) Not sure what to do about that now. Next step will probably be starting the game over. No biggie. Also I managed to pick up used DVDs of the first Star Wars trilogy. That was behind my recent insight about Han Solo's pants, by the way.

I'm also reading The Android's Dream by John Scalzi. I'm getting totally lost, too. This was probably not the right book to read at a time when I can't concentrate for shit. Like...the story's fine -- I'm having a good time and everything -- it's just that there are all these different people, and they're basically all trying to chase down the same information, plus they're all spying on each other and stuff, so I'm often getting lost just as to who's doing what and watching whom and who knows what. I'm probably about halfway through, but I'm actually considering starting over again. Stupid brain.

Mmm...guess that's about it. Like I said, not a lot done. Oh, I also watched more Buffy as the DVDs came in. I'm nearing the end of season two by this point. Man, there is such a quantum leap between the first and second seasons. Like...first season I was kinda into it; I felt it was a neat show, and I could see some appeal. By second season I'm hooked; I really want to see what happens next. I hit a rough spot when they really started ratcheting up all the kissing and junk, but I'll live. Still looking forward to more. I guess if (when?) I get sick of it and I'm ready to take a break, I can just step some other stuff up in the queue. I'll keep the Buffy going as long as I can, though.

Okay, I think that's it. Peace out, party people. Smell ya later!

Afterthought: the phrase "anal nitpick" seems way more disgusting than it should be.
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