Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


I made the bus trip out to the mall today so I could buy some fat pants for work. In the last couple weeks of not smoking, I've probably managed to pack on an extra ten pounds or so. ;) Anyway, just as we were pulling into the mall parking lot, I noticed that in the outgoing lane, traffic was a little backed up. This turned out to be due to a family of Canadian geese crossing the road: two adults and three or four grey and fluffy little offspring, all waddling their slow-ass way across the street. Too cute! It was one of those scenes I expect to see in a postcard or something, not actually happening in real least not in a New Jersey mall parking lot.

Anyway. I guess you'll just have to take my word that it was a cute scene. This post is pretty lame without a picture.
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