Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Where I at?

I was recently reminded that my biggest news of late hasn't yet been widely disseminated, so I figured I should at least update about that. To wit: I got an apartment in Atlantic City and am residing there currently. Yay! I've been here about a month now, I guess. That move (and the ensuing unreasonable amount of trouble involved in getting a working phone line hooked up) was one of the major contributing factors to my recent 'Net absence, by the way. But anyway, that's my new situation in life, folks. Back out on my own.

The place is pretty nice. It's not an apartment building like y'all know apartment buildings. It is, like most of the apartments for rent in A.C., a house that's been converted into a building holding apartment-like spaces. I have the top floor, which means that in a previous life this place was an attic. That much is evident by the funny-shaped ceilings. ;) It's a one-bedroom, which (as I learned in Cali) is prolly more space than I really need, but what the hell. The neighborhood actually reminds me a little bit of El Barrio, except at like 1/100th the scale. Plus I'm really close to the Tropicana, my old poker stompin' grounds.

At this point, I guess I'm still setting up shop, though realistically I don't know how deep I'm going to drill into this place. I can never really tell about these things. I mean, hell, all that time in Cali and I never did end up getting a bed. ;) This place came semi-furnished, but currently I am remaining bedless, so...I guess that's just how I roll when I'm left to my own devices. Over the course of a couple weekends, I got all my junk moved out here, so now my boxes are all under my care once again, although (unsurprisingly) still packed up. I figure I'll be here a year, so...I either have a year to unpack and sort and stuff or else another year of just...hanging onto boxes. My life has been improved via a shorter and less hassling commute, and also of course by having my own space again. Been a while. I've got a 'Net connection I can limp along on, and I've got my GameCube going. History has shown that I can survive quite a while on those resources alone. ;) And that, actually, is pretty much what I'm doing nowadays.

That's it for now. I'm low on steam these days. Eventually I'll get caught up with bigger and better stuff to update about, but...well, that's the important stuff for now. Catchya later, everybody.
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