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Man, the smell of maple is great! Or, well...probably more likely the smell of artificial maple flavoring, but still. I got this box of maple and brown sugar flavored shredded wheat cereal. I opened the box today and the smell that emanated was just fantastic. Man, I could smell that all day. It's probably just cuz it makes me think about pancakes, but still. Yummy. here I am. Last day of work yesterday went off without a hitch, more or less. I even worked a little extra. Oh, funnily enough...remember I made a whack ruling the other day when I was sleepy? Well, yesterday I used what I learned from that ruling to make the right ruling, so I guess that all evens out in the end. Dig it. What's also funny was that the player who received that information thanked me for it, and then was talking about how he's glad he learns new stuff about the game all the time. He then told me about something else he learned earlier in that same tournament from another dealer. He was talking about the dealer, and I thought I knew who it was, so I asked about the other guy, and sure enough, it was the dealer I was thinking of...a classmate of mine from poker dealer school! :) I told the guy, "Yeah, I know him...he was my classmate at poker dealer school." "Oh, well, then," the player said, "My compliments to your teacher!" I told him I'd pass that along. And in fact, I did. For those not keeping score, my poker dealer teacher works at the Borgata, the host of my current gig, so I actually keep up with the guy. So I told him recently about that exchange. It's pretty funny. I mean, I'm sure the player meant the whole thing as just pointless banter, but it kinda warmed my heart to be part of such a chain of goodwill and such. Maybe it's corny, but who cares; it's nice when people make a difference to other people, you know? Even the little differences are important sometimes.

On the other hand, for the second time recently I was told I reminded someone of Richard Karn,'s not all peaches and cream, lemme tell you. ;) Not that there's anything wrong with Richard Karn, mind you, makes a guy severely reexamine his resurfaced love for flannel shirts, that's all I'm sayin'. At first, too, I thought it strange that both times this association has been made (between me and "Al from 'Tool Time'") happened in a casino. But, after some consideration, I basically only interact with people when I'm in a casino, so...maybe it's not such a strange thing after all. ;)

Oh, so...after my final day was over, I got out of work at that one super-uncomfortable time slot where there's no bus to take me anywhere useful for hours to come, so I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. The previous night, when I got out around that same time, I ended up killing time at a 24-hour diner until the bus came. Not bad, really, but I'm trying not to spend that extra money, you know? Anyway...this time I decided I kill time by walking back to the bus station. So, it's a frickin' long walk, but the exciting news is that I've now found the complete and fully legal pedestrian route between the bus station and the Borgata. By taking a circuitous detour along the water, I can now avoid the situation of dubious legality I faced before when dancing through a particular intersection pretending that those "NO PEDESTRIANS" signs were facing in a direction that didn't apply to me. So, yay for that. Not that I'll be making that walk a lot, mind you, but still...nice to know I can do it. Takes a little over an hour. Not fun, but doable.

So anyway. I mentioned before that whole thing about reading books that fit in my pocket. What I didn't mention is that I've been gulping down some Philip K. Dick. Dude, that guy's crazy. I'm not sure it's really the best thing I could be reading when I'm busing home in the wee hours and semiconscious, because the walls are kinda thin at that point anyway, know what I'm saying? And then I get this guy writing about VALIS beams shooting reality into people's heads and whatnot...I dunno. It all gets a bit much sometimes. :) I just finished The Divine Invasion, which is apparently a sequel to VALIS (which I didn't know when I got it), so now I gotta track down the third in that trilogy...which I really hope is in the possession of my library, else I'll be forlorn. Strike that...I really hope it's in the possession of my library and it fits in my jacket pocket. But anyway...The Divine Invasion...I dunno man. It was pretty out there when I was reading it, frankly, but it was all worth it to get to the end. I laughed and laughed. I'm not sure I was supposed to, but I laughed anyway, and laughing is good, so...there ya go. I was on the bus, so...I'm glad it was late and there weren't many people around, cuz I really was just totally laughing and making a jackass of myself. But, whatever. Good times. :)

Speaking of being on the bus...I was thinking the other day. I must spend like 2 or 3 hours commuting to and from work (each way). Wouldn't that basically be the same as me commuting to A.C. from New York? I mean, sure, I'd have to basically live in Port Authority to get those travel times, but still...just sayin'. :)

"But wait," you all say. "Hold on. Back up a minute. Why does the next book need to fit in your jacket pocket? Aren't you done with that gig and now you can use your backpack again?"

"Ah, quite astute!" I would respond. "And thank you for asking, as it let's me segue into this next point, but no, I'm not done."

Yes, excitingly enough, while Wednesday night was supposed to be my last shift, I've been reactivated and called back for a couple more days of work. Nifty. :) So I'm going in back for seconds this weekend. I actually turned one shift down because I wanted a little downtime, you know? Today was nice; I slept, did chores, ran errands, and basically holed up in the wake of not having had a whole lot of time to myself lately. And tomorrow I think I'll probably chill in Atlantic City, at least for a while. But then it's back to swing shifting Saturday and Sunday, and then we'll see what happens after that. I'm not entirely sure, but I think these extra shifts might be part of getting me into transitioning into actual poker room "regular" kind of work, as opposed to the special temp tourney gig I've been doing, so that'll be interesting. Like I said, though, I'm not 100% sure on that, though, so...we'll see. Stay tuned for details.

And...I suppose that's about all for now. I was, I have to admit, kinda looking forward to getting my awakeness schedule more aligned back to daylight hours, but I guess I shouldn't go attempting that just yet, since I have to work more night shifts in a couple days. :) I have to say...I really slept in unreasonably this morning...though now I'm glad, since hopefully it'll make it easier to keep working nights. It really does take a chunk out of my day, though, I think, being offset this way. It's hard to stay up late when you're not actually doing anything. Which is what I'll be doing after I post this entry. Which probably means I'll just be better off heading to bed. So it goes. :)

Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!

P.S. I wanna post this, just so I get it more firmly in my head, but after my check clears for this gig, hopefully I can make a quick visit or so to New York. Maybe hit a Thursday night and get bombed. I dunno. Something. We'll see. :)
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