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So I realized that I haven't really updated on actual happenings since I came out of the training day. What's weird is...I kind of have this feeling that I felt there was a lot I could get done in the week between my training day and the actual gig, but I cannot now remember what those things were. Regardless, it seems clear that they didn't get done, so... Yeah. I'm getting to that point again where I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with my days. I mean...that's kinda what blogging was supposed to be for (knowing what I'm doing with my days, I mean), except that it makes for a retarded boring reading experience. So it goes.

So. Training was fine. Like I said, it was mostly just reviewing card room rules for the first part of the day, and it was practice dealing and playing for the rest. No biggie, and it's fly that I get paid for that, so...whee. What I didn't talk about was the actual environment. So I've already spent some time in the Borgata poker room, but for this tournament they're opening a special additional space to hold all the extra hordes of poker players that will be showing up. I believe most if not all of my time dealing will be spent in this newfangled space, which unfortunately we didn't get to see on training day, so I don't know what it's like inside, and I only hope that I can find my way back there on my first day. Well, and all subsequent days, while I'm at it, but...first day will be the hardest. So...there's that.

The casino is pretty big. The backstage part, where the employees scurry around, is fucking gigantic and labyrinthine. I am going to get so lost. I am sad about that, but...that's life. I'm comforted by the assumption that there will be lots of other people generally heading on and off breaks at the same times that I am, so I'm hoping it will be easy enough to sort of follow the crowd and make my way around. I'm sort of fearing that we'll all be clueless newbies and end up following each other around until we're hopelessly lost and in tears, but...surely there's going to be someone around who knows what they're doing. I hope. In any case, while I can see what the intention was with the training, it's clear that the daily nitty-gritty is going to be something I'm just going to have to pick up along the way. And so it is with any new job, I suppose, and this one's only lasting a week or so, big deal. I can take it. If my guts don't implode or anything.

The sort of collateral inconvenience from this job is going to be intense. I spent some time working it out, and although I'm working different times on different days, half my shifts are basically exactly wrong for meshing with bus schedules. And by that I mean that when I get off work, it's going to take me approximately three hours to get home. Three hours. This for a trip that would take about 45 minutes by car. I mean...come on, that's fucking ridiculous. I understand now why people drive. Cut my commute time by 75%? Sure, I'll rape the earth for that. Plus...I was saddened to learn that there's probably no way for me to bring a bag or anything to work. I mean, I can bring it, but I apparently don't have anywhere to leave it while I'm working. So I guess that means no book or anything for the commute. Stupid. Ironically, if I drove in, sure, I could just leave my backpack in the car or whatever. But then...I wouldn't need a backpack, would I. *sigh* Anyway...I never figured in the past that this would be a problem. After all, the whole point to me being in Atlantic City is that I can use my free time for poker. That plan sort of falls apart when you're broke, though. I'm slowly learning that most plans fall apart when you're broke.

Anyway...the good part: free food! The casino maintains a pretty decent employee steam table type stuff...but also a little salad bar dealie, too.'s free! I found that pretty exciting, as that should definitely improve the practical impact of my wages. All too often I find getting a job massively spikes my food budget, because I get food outside my house. But now, it's all good! I can just chow down at the office.

I guess I really haven't gotten a whole lot done. I think I mostly chilled Thursday, Friday I actually spent in A.C. with my mom playing poker, I pretty much wasted the weekend on football, I guess, and yesterday I also killed time in A.C. Oh, so...that was an interesting trip. I basically decided to see how long it would take me to walk from the bus station to the Borgata, in case I missed my connecting bus, I wanted to see if I could manage to make my shift on time or if I needed to find alternate transportation. Well, I learned two thing. One, it's a fucking long walk. Two, while I believe I found a way, it is of dubious legality as a pedestrian, and I'm not entirely sure there's a way to approach the Borgata on foot from that particular direction. I mean, I can, like if I was an action hero or something I could dash across the highway, I learn so many times, some cities just were not designed with pedestrians in mind. Interestingly, my route to the Borgata basically takes me through the other two casinos in that (marina) area of A.C., so the Borgata looks like the only casino I'd have trouble accessing on foot. Not that the other two are a picnic, but at least they have sidewalks. I much prefer the Boardwalk least I know I'm never too far (or too dangerously separated) from the bus station. Anyway...the marina district does look like it's more trouble than it's worth to walk it, so if I miss my bus, I may just have to blow the two bucks on a Jitney ride. :)

At any rate. Today Momz and I are going to do a little shopping. I'm going to see if I can't cash in my reward for that gambling study for some new shoes, because I am seriously hurting for shoes. (Which isn't helped by the fact that I spent yesterday on a long-ass walk around Atlantic City.) I need work shoes, but I'm not sure I need work shoes, know what I mean? I don't think people care about shoes that much...and any sufficiently subdued-colored pair of sneakers would probably suffice. And I need sneakers. All my shoes are currently falling apart, and I need walkin' shoes. I have these boot-like things that are still more or less holding together (and which are serving as my shoes for everything, currently), but they have no padding left and they are chewing my feet up something awful. They are, I would say, not walkin' shoes. So today. I also wanted pants, but...let's not get crazy, shall we? I have pants I can use for this gig. In fact...I just re-sewed a button on them to ensure their suitability. Yes. But if I manage to land something a bit more long-lasting...I think I'm going to need pants. I'm going to stop talking about pants now. And shoes.

Oh, and I have to own up to something, to, and record it. I bummed a smoke off some guy in the casino on Friday, so I had one cig that day, and then I had several more on Monday. Maybe...four? So that was kind of poor. On the upside (?) I felt fucking ill Monday evening, so perhaps I'm not getting quite the great effects from nicotine that I used to. In any case, I guess that remains a struggle. Friday's thing was just spur-of-the-moment; not sure why I did it. Monday was actually because I felt crappy and wanted to smoke, so I did. *shrug* I guess I don't find anything particularly unruly about either case, as long as I don't pick up the addiction again. But still...doesn't feel good to know that the urge is still there. Better now to know that the act sickened my stomach, though. Good times!

Anyway...only one more day until workage. My first shift starts tomorrow evening. My first two days are actually going to be my hardest, scheduling-wise. Wednesday night is one of those non-meshing shifts, which puts me back home on Thursday morning, and then I have to head back in on Thursday for lunchtime. So...not going to get a lot of sleep that first night. Guess I'm going to find out quick whether dealing is something I can do well when I have to fight sleep dep. (And if I find I can't, by the way, that basically throws a giant monkeywrench into any dreams I might have had about dealing full-time. Those people work crazy hours.) I expect I'll probably crash hard on Thursday, but the rest of the tourney I'll be on more-or-less regular hours on some variety or other of swing shift, so...after I muddle through Friday I guess I'll be okay for the rest. Anyway...tomorrow. Yikes.

And...I guess that's it. I'm a little nervous, I think. Not that I think I should be, but...I still am. But there's really nothing else for it now...just gotta jump in.
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