Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Are we close?

Okay, pass the time, possibly contribute to the betterment of mankind, and hopefully earn myself a small token amount of money in the form of a gift card, I'm taking part in a study that's lining up the psychology of professional gamblers against the psychology of pathological problem gamblers. Uh...I won't reveal at this time which portion of the study I'm being tapped for. Like I'd be able to tell the difference anyway. ;) So I spent some time today filling out this long-ass questionnaire asking about my general health, my gambling debts, and how well-adjusted I am to living among the humans. It's funny, really, how much the damn thing made me think about my life and all, but that's not really what this post is about.

One of the questions I encountered was: "How many close friends do you have?" That sent me into a pencil-chewing moment, frankly, because although it seems obvious to me now that this is a subjective thing, I wondered what was meant by "close friend." I have no definition, of course, nor do I think one is warranted, really. But it got me to thinking about my peeps, and I wondered how y'all think of me these days. I've been away for some time now, and I keep in touch with a few people, some more than others, plus certain aspects of old friendship have been brought up lately...just a lot of different little things to think of. But then I thought...why not go right to the source?

So here's the question. Do you consider us to be close friends? I'm not looking for a discussion, a rationale, a justification, or a definition. Basically I'm just looking to see how my guesstimate lines up with other people's subjective realities. :) I remember a long time ago being surprised to find that someone didn't consider me a friend, so...I figured this time I'd ask. :) So here's the thing...I'm screening comments for this post, so you can just reply right here if you want. If, by whatever definition you choose to use, you consider us to be close friends, please let me know. (And if you're answer is no, by the way, feel no duty to respond. Though feel free to if you want.) As a sweetener, I will not be responding to any of these comments without a request to do so, so make this feel like a one-way communique if at all possible. I think that'll take the edge off. :) If your answer is yes, but you don't want to comment, then an e-mail would be nice. I just can't count anonymous replies for anything, is all. Any respondent I can't identify, I'll have to ignore.

And that's it. Thanks, all. If this post gets no replies, by the way, I'ma be the saddest mofo on LJ. ;)
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